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Merit Kitchens

Unequaled ExperienceWe believe our experience in the cabinetry-making business is unparalleled: Merit is proud to be a Canadian made, German engineered cabinetry company with 40 years in the business. Blending Canadian integrity with German attention-to-detail is our proven formula for success. Most of our employees have been with us for over 10 years, with some exceeding 30 years. We take pride in our reputation! Superior HardwareMerit trusts only top-of-the-line, 100% German engineered and manufactured hardware for our cabinetry: Only Hettich matches Merit’s standards for engineering excellence and guaranteed longevity. Their hinges, slides, and Eurotech drawer boxes boast all-metal moving parts and self-cleaning features to ensure long-term reliability. It’s no wonder that some of the top auto, appliance, and cabinetry manufacturers insist on Hettich hardware for their products. Meticulous Hand-finishingMerit uses a time-honoured, hand-rendered finishing process instead of those achieved by machines: Not only are all items machine and hand-sanded to ensure a silky finish, but all stains are applied and rubbed in by our skilled craftspeople. We believe the only way to reveal the beauty of wood and its grain characteristics is through a labour intensive hand-wiping process. The traditional process of applying the stain to every inch of the wood product, allowing the wood to absorb it fully, and then wiping off the excess also ensures an even finish, and prevents a halo effect in framed doors and white lines around the edges of panels. The Finest Drawer BoxesMerit’s superior dovetail drawer boxes are smooth-sanded and finished solid wood: We believe that the inside of our cabinetry should be as beautiful as the outside. No sharp edges, unfinished surfaces, or un-sanded joints should be visible when a dovetail drawer is top quality! Unrivaled ServiceMerit is committed to superior, individualized service: We striv