Address: Surrey
Category: [Carpet Cleaning]
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Arjun Building Maintenance

Arjun Building Maintenance (ABM) knows the business of maintaining a High Standard with Sanitation and Maintenance. We don’t take this Duty and Care of your establishment or projects, lightly. We understand and want your experience with Arjun Building Maintenance (ABM) to be worry free. We at Arjun Building Maintenance (ABM) make certain we use the Highest and Standard and Care of Cleaning and our products are environmentally safe but tough.

Arjun Building Maintenance (ABM) also understands the huge pressures and time constraints in Retail and Commercial Construction. This is why, we plan and execute with an experienced Team in order to complete your projects effectively and efficiently. WE GET THE JOB DONE RIGHT!

What we can do

Removing all window labels
Clean windows inside and out
Clean all window tracks
Dry dust all walls and ceilings
Clean all shelves and closets
Clean showers, toilets, tubs, basins
Polish all chrome fixtures
Clean all mirrors
Clean all appliances
Vacuum and steam clean all carpets
Vacuum all heating and cooling ducts
Sweep out garages and unfinished basements